A monumental 274 Carats of sapphire crystal
Entire front and back is created from sapphire crystal
DiscoveryTM Mechanism (172 mechanical parts): Dual
Swiss automatic mechanical, gold plated watch
movements (illuminates when keys light up)
Ability to see 3 time zones simultaneously; setting 2
international time zones with the mechanical watches
and using the electronic phone time for the local time
Movements are attached to a unique 3D shock
absorbing system (patent pending)
Dual inset 24 Karat gold plated crowns
5 micron thick, 24 Karat gold plated CNC machined,
brass frame
Inlayed CNC machined Ebony hardwood
24 Karat gold, hand painted lettering and symbols
Sapphire crystal buttons, hand painted with 24 Karat
gold paint
Gun metal black stainless steel screws
Unique hidden sliding battery cover mechanism
(patent pending) with the battery cover made entirely
from one large piece of sapphire crystal
Optional: Diamond watch hours and diamond "M" 
symbol between watch movements (illuminates when
keys light up)
Limited quantity of 50
Available in English or Cyrillic keypad
Various software language packs available for all

Quadband GSM and dual band WCDMA

Speaker phone

3G luxury phone

2 megapixel picture and video camera
More than 1 GB of internal memory
2" display with up to 16 million colors
Music and video player
Micro USB port allows quick connection to a PC,
laptop, accessories, or charging


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